Mission and Vision


Square One is a student run organization seeking to empower leaders in selected communities in developing countries to establish and sustain business ventures that benefit the communities with new employment and new products or resources that enhance the lives of those living in those communities.


Square One seeks to empower leaders in selected impoverished communities in underdeveloped African countries through assisting them to develop sustainable business ventures. These projects are determined based on the interests of community leaders and the needs and capacity of the selected community. Each project is tailored to the location. Each project site is visited by a traveling team of student members of Square One at least once a year.

For example, in 2012, five CSB|SJU students fundraised and built a sustainable business in rural Uganda. These students constructed a sustainable pig farming business, through which a school, Hope Academy, now has the ability to sustain a revenue stream and pay their teachers the necessary salaries to educate the children.

Students involved will gain global awareness through experience in project design and leadership, capacity to learn about cultural and economic development as well as teamwork.  They are engaged for a minimum of one year.  Square One provides students the opportunity to study a specific developing nation and gain hands on experience in designing and delivering a small-scale economic development venture. Leadership development opportunities are an important part of Square One with overall leadership as well as traveling team leadership positions available for students.

Our club intends to sustain projects long term by revisiting the location for a minimum of 3 years and by maintaining year round communication with community leaders.  We intend to continue to expand our work to new underdeveloped communities selecting a new community every year.

Finally, we recognize the importance of connecting our campus to our projects, and will hold events throughout the academic year raising awareness, educating our campus community about the communities we serve, and building support for our cause.


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